The Agnanti of Bega

build on Pindos mountain range in a amphitheatric outlook across Vasilitsa and Smolikas mountains

Welcome to To Agnanti tou Bega. In the village of Fillipaioi, To Agnanti tou Bega is your gateway to the attractions of the spectacular Vasilitsa ski resort and Pindos National Park. Our traditional hotel is situated at the heart of Pindos Mountains, amidst the Pindos National Park, and boasts spectacular views of the Vasilitsa ski resort, the mountains and pine covered valley. Enjoy the traditional, local cuisine at our restaurant and blissful nights in one of our 16 comfortable rooms and suites. Discover and experience the unique beauties of the Greek mountains.

Staying in Agnanti

Combining the local style with comfort you can find refuge in one of our 16 rooms and suites. Enjoy your stay by the fireplace or on the balcony gazing at the mountain of Vasilitsa.

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